The Crafting Oasis - Sorry, we're full!

Thank you so much for your interest! Unfortunately we are either at or near capacity for our private learning group. We typically only accept around 500 members for our group at one time, so we can make sure everyone gets an equal amount of attention. We try hard to make sure no one's questions go unanswered, so this limit is in place to make sure we keep to this standard and not bite off more than we can chew!

If you are attempting a trial membership, we only have 100 active free trials going at one time, in an effort to keep things manageable and fair for our paid members. If we suddenly have more space for free trials, we will post on our Facebook, so make sure to like and follow our page for updates!

If you really want to squeeze yourself in when we have room, please feel free to contact us using the Facebook messenger and we'll see what we can do!