Design and Color Theory - Tutorial - Video - E-book
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Design and Color Theory - Tutorial - Video - E-book


We heard you loud and clear!

We get asked so much, and there's so many questions in the crafting community about how to choose colors and patterns and materials for designs. It can be especially frustrating for beginners trying to understand what to use when creating a wreath. We have just what you need!

Our guide/tutorial/book includes:
+ 12-page guide, covering both Color Theory and Design Principles*
+ 3 videos showing 3 separate examples, spanning 90+ minutes
+ Start to finish explanations that are practical and easy to follow!

Learn how to decorate and design like a pro!

We teach you how to pick out materials and colors, and show you the right ways to arrange your elements for maximum impact. Have trouble picking out patterns and colors? No problem, we cover all of that! Have problems picking out why your design doesn't quite look right? You'll understand exactly why, after going through our examples and in-depth explanations. Our how-to videos are easy to follow and presented in a relatable way.

You'll know exactly what to pick up on your next shopping trip! Both Stephanie and Justin go back and forth in every video, walking you through 3 separate wreath designs, showing you what works, and... most importantly, WHY it works.

Classes with Master designers can cost thousands of dollars. Learn everything from experienced professionals, at your own pace, and get started creating your own beautiful masterpieces today!

* Note: Although our guide focuses mainly on wreaths, color theory and all of these design principles apply in all forms of visual arts and crafting.

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