E-Book: Streaming to Social Media for Businesses - Step by Step Guide
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E-Book: Streaming to Social Media for Businesses - Step by Step Guide


Ever wanted a way to engage potential customers and generate more traffic to your business's Facebook page? If you're brave enough, using Facebook Live can be a great way to demonstrate how you create your products, and help you engage with potential customers. Handcrafted products are in high-demand, and being able to see for themselves how much attention to detail you put into your work, can be a powerful selling point to customers.

In our 32-page guide book, we walk you through setting up Open Broadcaster Software (a completely free app) and configuring it to stream to Facebook Live. Of course, you can always stream live using the built-in options of the Facebook app on your phone or tablet, but our e-book will show you how to set up a higher quality streaming experience using a Windows computer (OBS is also available on Mac and Linux!)

Learn how to overlay text and images onto your stream, to display your business website and logo. Get tips on how to tweak your webcam's settings for the best picture. Learn how to calibrate your audio and add filters, to clean up your microphone's sound and give your viewers a better listening experience! This and more, we explain step by step from installing OBS, to configuring individual scenes and sources, right up to hitting that Go Live button on Facebook to stream to your potential customers.

With a little patience and the right equipment, you can boost your business's public appearance to new levels! Stream to your potential customers regularly, show them the quality of your handcrafted products and the effort you go through to produce them. A friendly face and a demonstration is sometimes all it takes to make a sale! A little setup is all you need to increase customer engagement, increase traffic to your business page, and drive home more sales!

Tutorial requirements:

  • Webcam
  • Microphone (some webcams have built-in)
  • A mid-grade Windows computer or laptop (Mac/Linux also possible)
  • Internet with at least 3 Mbps upload (test at speedtest.net)
  • Headphones (optional, for calibrating audio)

We also give recommendations on equipment, and tips on choosing a good computer for streaming.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The applications in this e-book are NOT available FOR iOS (iPhone/iPad ) or Android.

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