Tutorial: Christmas Wreath - Diagonal Spiral Poof Method
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Tutorial: Christmas Wreath - Diagonal Spiral Poof Method


Are you looking for another great way to make a beautiful full wreath?

The Diagonal Spiral Poof method can be used to create a fun, full deco mesh wreath for any occasion. When you are learning how to bring your visions to life, it always helps when you find that one place that combines so many things to help you on your path of mastering your talent. We've got just the thing!

This tutorial has it all, from beginning to end, with easy step-by-step instructions that you can stop, replay and fast forward through at your own pace. Not only will you learn a new method, you will get fun and easy tips and tricks that you can use in creating your own designs, even beyond Christmas wreaths!

You can be on your way to creating pieces like the one in this video as soon as today!

Happy Decorating!

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